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differential fill/drain bolts

       Hey netsters,

           I want to change my gear oil out again, and I am wondering what size
hex-wrench I need to get the drain/fill bolts off.  I have done this before, bu
t I borrowed someone else's tool last time, and I don't remember what size it w
as.  I also don't remember how much I gear oil I used.  Does anyone know about
how much I would need to buy to fill both the front and rear diffs?  Also, if a
nyone knows where I could get that large hex-wrench (allen wrench)?

            I changed the gear oil in the gearbox and front differential about
a year ago with Amsoil synthetic, but I would rather use Redline MTL and I neve
r changed the fluid in the rear differential.  Well, any help would be apprecia
ted.  Thanks in advance.