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Re: A4 "Better" than an M3 for 6K?

Hey there,
  As you listers know, I have been fiddling with my A4 quite a bit.  Is it
better than the M3??  In the handling department I would have to say that is
is getting fairly close.  This is based on a relatively short drive of the
     With the addition of the front and rear bars sometime in the next week
or so, I think it will be right up there, maybe better.  However, I have
spent quite a few bucks on the suspension alone.  $1700 or so (I don't have
the tag in front of me) for the Abt shocks and springs, $2800 for "17 rims
and tires (a set of "17 inch rims could be found for less, I am sure!!!), the
swaybars are $350 plus shipping.   So to save you guys simple addition, the
total here is $4850. 
   Motor mods so far include the Schaumberg throttle body ($250), removal of
the front muffler and the addition of a Remus rear muffler ($500).  I would
GUESS that power is around 180-185 HP.  Total cost so far is $5600.
  In the future I am interested in Abt or Schrick cams (any opinion on which
way to go???).  Right now i am in the process of trying to save some money
and seeing what else comes to market for the A4.  I probably won't add
anything to the car until next summer. 
   All of this said, I would take the A4 hands down over the M3.    The A4 is
still a relatively rare car in my neck of the woods (Santa Cruz, CA). 
      My car turns heads, all day, everyday.
          Mike, very proud  my A4!!