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RE: A4 questions

Well that has been the only reason for my one trip back to the dealer
with my A4Q. My left rear window was acting flakey. It sometimes had the
"auto-up" feature (which its not supposed to) and at other times it
wouldn't work at all. The dealer replaced the switchs and motor in both
rear windows, and I they have been working without a problem since. They
one-touch-down, but not up as they should.

>No opinion on the dealership in Northern Virginia on Rt1 between Arlington
and Alexandria, but I love mine (Barrier in Seattle). They do as good a
job cleaning my car as I do! It sparkeled when I picked it up, and not a
speck of break dust was to be found on the previously filthy wheels. 


>From: 	Jonathan Linkov[SMTP:ValiumNJ@msn.com]
>Sent: 	Monday, September 16, 1996 4:24 PM
>To: 	quattro
>Subject: 	A4 questions
>Can anyone who has an A4 and had a little trouble with the auto-up featureon 
>their driver or passanger window tell me if the dealer was able to fix it or 
>not?  Also, any opinion on the dealership in Northern Virginia on Rt1 between
>Arlington and Alexandria?  I think it is Heishman's(spelling?).  Thanks.
>Oh, BTW...is there an Audi oild check reset tool like the ones that are for 
>sale in some car rags for WMBs?  My moronic dealer in NJ (Essex Sports Cars) 
>forgot to reset the light, plus, when the warranty is over and I will be
>ALL oil changes, I would like to reset the light myself.  Anyone know of such
>a tool?
>thanks in advance.
>Jon Linkov
>Blue A4q