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Re: Sorry for wrong info.

At 09:02 AM 9/16/96 +0500, you wrote:
>John Karasaki wrote:
>> I was wrong, sorry!  Last week someone asked me if the strut bearings on a
>> 5k could be changed using the special Audi tool.  I said "no."  I was wrong.
>> I've changed the front struts in various cars too many times with this tool
>> to remember.  Well, I just did 2 cars again today, and guess what... I was
>> wrong.  You have to remove the strut bearing to use the special tool.  I
>> hope I haven't confused too many people.
>> Regards,
>> John Karasaki
>> Quattro Club (regional & national) member
>I think you mean the strut mounting not the bearing. The strut mounting
>is the rubber and steel piece. The bearing is located under the bearing
>it is a true bearing. The strut mounting is more like a bushing. Removal
>the bearing requires the disassembly of the strut. Check the exploded
>in the Bentley.
Open mouth, insert foot, twice!  I checked the exploded view of the Bentley
before I responded to the original post.  That's why I answered what you
said.  But, when I changed the front struts on 2 5k's this weekend, I had to
remove the "bushing."  Maybe the terninology in the posts were not precise.


John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member