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Re: A4Q: questions, comments, observations

Christopher Wong writes:
> 1. why is the right side mirror smaller than the right, as well as convex?
> why are they tinted blue?

Most newer cars have convex passenger side mirrors to increase the
angle of coverage.  Audi made the passenger side mirror smaller to
reduce aerodynamic drag, as the convex shape makes up for the reduced
mirror area.  The driver's side mirror is not convex, so it has to be
full size.  You'll notice many Mercedes models to be similarly designed.

> 2. why are there "dummy" buttons on the dash, next to the buttons for the 
> foglights, defroster. etc?

For extra equipment switches that you car may not have come with.
Such as temperature controls for the heated seats, and the headlight
aiming adjusters on European models.  You may also use this space
to install switches for other accessories that you may add yourself.

> 3. when you are driving w/o the ac on, does warm air flow out of the 
> vents? is this normal? i thought it was fresh air, but it is too warm. 

Even without the A/C compressor on, the climate control will add
heat if you pre-set the temperature to be warmer than the ambient
temperature in the car.

> 4. when i first got the car, i folded down the rear seat. ever since 
> then, they rattle when i drive over bumps. i am positive they are back in 
> position correctly.

I dunno, mine doesn't rattle.  Check again to making sure that your
seatbacks are both latched securely.  Perhaps the noise you hear are not
due to the seatbacks.  Many A4s have a rattle in the B-pillar that
the dealer should be able to fix for you.  See the quattro list
archives about this.

> 5. is everyone else's radio reception a little disappointing? i assume 
> this is because there is no aerial antenna. has anyone done anything 
> about this?

Yes, the radio reception is not state-of-the art.  However,
I have not done much about this because I live in a metropolitan area
and most radio stations are nearby with strong signals.  Thus, it is
not really much of a problem for me.  I prefer listening to my CDs
and tapes anyway.

> 6. has anyone figured out a way to protect the armrests and center 
> console. they are already showed signs of wear.

I generally keep the armrest in the upright position as I find it
to be somewhat obstrusive.  This also keeps it cleaner as my elbow
ddoesn't rest on it.  How is your center console showing signs of

> in general, i think it is a great car. just has a few "idiosyncrasies". 
> but i'd take it over most things out on the road today.

I would hardly call any of these things you mention to be idiosyncrasies...

> ps. what kind of gas mileage have people been getting? just curious.

I get about 24mpg on a mixed highway/city driving cycle.

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