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Koni adjustable strut p/ns for the Coupe Quattro


Last week I received my Koni externally adjustable strut inserts.

I called Koni USA to verify the part numbers:

8610.1262 sport (front)
86.2433 sport   (rear)

The technical support rep. said there has been alot of recent interest
by Coupe Quattro owners...

Datapoint.  I bought mine from APS, because they had the rears in stock.
(normally a 13 week back-order from Holland).  Imparts, amongst other
suppliers, can also get them.  Prices are comparable, however Impart's
shipping cost is significantly lower (flat $3.50 fee).  I paid a 
premium ($21) with APS to NOT wait 13 weeks....

Remember, YMMV (And other disclaimers...)

Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro