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Re: A4 "Better" than an M3 for 6K?

   > BTW, if you follow this line of reasoning, any A4Q can be said to smoke
   > a Porsche Turbo/Ferrari F50-F40/Callaway Corvette/etc, if you are only
   > talking about inclement conditions.  IMHO, when most people speak of
   > their performance, thay are speaking of dry conditions.

   Yeah, but you also have to assume that when asking for advice for a car, 
   it is their primary commuting car. I dont know of too many people who 
   commute in an F40. You have to think practically here, one main car, in 
   NE, we have 5 months of disgusting weather.... Quattro or M3?? THats 
   easy. Quattro, because if I had the M3, I couldnt get to work for half 
   the year.

   Dont get me wrong, the M3 is a great car, esp the new ones... but not 
   practical for a primary car here in NE.

I was gonna say, where do you live, Northern Alaska?

Come on, [winter] weather here in New England is wimpy; there are maybe
half-a-dozen days where it is really inclement; there are maybe 30 days
of the year when the weather finally gives the advantage to the quattro
ilk, otherwise any car with actual power (say, any V8 Mustang...) will
trivially out-power any handling advantage given by TheWorld'sMostPer-
fectlyEngineeredAutomobile. (And, parenthetically, I'll hint at the
social irresponsibility of pushing any car to anywhere near its perfor-
mance limits -- good weather or bad -- on the public streets in any sort
of traffic...not that of course *I* ever [cough cough] would stoop to
such a reprehensible action...)

If there's a problem, it's all the people on the road *AHEAD* of you that
completely negate any possible advantage of having the quattro . . . I
*HATE* being stuck behind some yahoo in his balding-tired Detroit Behemoth
who requires 1.5 lanes in order to make any forward progress, while I am
*seething* behind him, biding my time to put him in his proper place (and
no, not the ditch, although it does my heart joy when that does finally
happen...especially if it's the Blazer/Bronco yahoo who just blew by me...)

Sheesh, I think I got up on the wrong side of bed this morning . . .