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Read Posts Carefully (A4 v. 325i?)

Bob Myers writes:
BTW, wasn't the original discussion about an A4 vs. a 325i?  Or was it an
A4Q vs. the 325I or some other similar combination?
Michael Loeks writes:
Ummmm, wasn't the original question A4 vs 325i ? Kind of a different animal
than an M3 ain't it ?
Igor Kessel writes:
I've been watching this discussion for some time now. How did it happen that
suddenly the M3 was factored in? This is incorrect.

I suggest you guys read the post I was speaking of below carefully before
making such statements.

>>Or take the 6 grand and modify the Audi to your liking. There are
>>many ways you can change the car's power output and handling w/out
>>voiding the warranty. $6000 applied properly to an A4 could make it
>>faster and crisper than an M3, betcha. 365 days a year. And check out
>>the last few years of Audi ratings in J.D.Power and Consumer
>>Reports...way up there. No contest, buy the A4Q or wait for the S4.

The Judge

'90 80Q (Terror of  clean, dry, wide, straight and flat roads in LA)
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