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a4 climate control operation

>>original ? had to do w/ seemingly warm air from vents when 
>>air conditioning is turned off

At 07:25 AM 9/18/96 +0000, Greg Spark wrote:
>The climate control doesn't have an on/off switch but it can be turned
>of by turning the fan speed down to zero - obscure! It is documented
>in the manual but easily missed (by me for three months). Putting
>the unit on to LO or HI does not turn the unit off or on.

a double-check of the manual indicates what greg says is correct, with the
additional info that setting things to 'lo' or 'hi' gives you max cooling or
heat (temp regulation is off).  so, to ensure you get fresh, unheated,
uncooled air, it seems you could

 - set the system to 'lo' (never heat)
 - turn the air conditioning off
 - adjust fan as desired

turning the fan all the way off may have a similar result, but i don't know
how much airflow you'd get w/o the fan...