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RE: A4 "Better" than an M3 for 6K?

On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Paul Caneiro wrote:

> Ass the owner of both a 96 A4Q and a 96 911 Turbo, I can tell you that
> the Porsche can and does beat everything off the line  - wet or dry!!!

As the owner of a very hot Boss 302, Ill take you up on that statement! 
(Ok, only up to about 125 mph) :)

> I had a 1995 M3 and I was very disapointed with the car in any weather
> but the driest days.  I was glad when the car was stolen from my office
> parking lot.

That seem to be the general consensus about the M3. A friend of mine has 
one, its alredy for sale...(4 months old)(Bought an s6)


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