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<'90V8Q> AC Questions

Hi Audi Fans:

I am having a problem with the inside of my windows fogging up so badly
that I have to wipe the windshield with tissue and run the defroster on
high fan and temp to get a big enough clear spot to drive.  

It was rainy here in the Denver area yesterday but it's not that normal
so my problem/question doesn't come up often.  When I left work, it was
cool and rainy but no fogging.  My wife and I went out to dinner and I
put the climate control on AUTO and MAN! did it fog up fast.  Made the
drive to dinner an adventure plus made me cranky about my (originally)
expensive German car.  Subarus were driving along with nary a wisp of
fog on their windows.  My fellow German car enthusiast (WMB 6M) at
dinner thought maybe heater core or fresh air/recirc flap (is there
one?).  There is really no control on the '90 climate control for
recirc. Just AUTO or BI-LEV to kick in the compressor.  When I did that,
even with the temp on LO, it didn't seem to get cold and dry air from
the vents.  This AC works great during warm weather BTW.

Any IDEAS???  I am driving to Massachusetts next week as we are moving
there and I have a feeling there may be more humid rainy days there than

Also, rear window defroster has always done nothing.  Dealer: "They just
don't work very well".  I mean there isn't even a hint of cleared glass
around the filaments!?!?

Sorry about the bandwith...TIA for your help.

Tim Gortner
Lookout Mt., CO (soon Marshfield, MA)