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RE: A4 vs M3 - JBTDT

Not around here it ain't.

>From Edmunds:

97 BMW M3:	$38,960
     sunroof:	$1,200
     cruise:	$475
     (lux pckg.:	$3,300)
     Total:			$40,635 ($43,935)

97 Audi A4:	$26,500
    quattro:	$1,550
    leather:	$1,280
    all weather:	$450
    sport wheel:	$150
    sunroof:	$990
    Total:			$30,920

The M3 luxury package has: includes on-board computer, m-contour II
cast-alloy wheels, cruise control, dual 8-way power seats, front
spoiler, leather door trim, aluminum wheel rims, side sills and chrome
door handles.

That's awful close to $10,000 more...
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Last time I checked the M3 was a little more then 6k over the A4Q