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RE: 911T beats everything? off the line

On Wed, 18 Sep 1996, Paul Caneiro wrote:

> Ok, I guess I get the picture.
> I will amend my statement to say that I am confident that I can take any
> STOCK production car sold in the US off the line, 60mph 1/4mile and say
> 180mph or there abouts - wet or dry ;-)

	Well put, from someone obviously backed into a corner by a bunch 
of bloodthirsty hounds capitalizing on that someone's momentary 
overexuberance over a relatively safe claim.

> gotta luv 400+ ponies and AWD

	As much as I dislike Porsches in general, the new TT 911 would be 
a very welcome addition to my stable.  I think it would make a really 
great winter beater car!  :-)

	I still want to know what the hounds were bringing to the party!

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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