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Stumped with the Brakes!

Doggone it, I can't figure out what the deal is with my 200's brakes. 
The brake lights (both tail and center) are stuck ON, and.....

1) I have tried pressing the brake switch manually - no turnoff.
2) I have pulled the brake pedal switch out and depressed it manually 
- no turnoff.
3)  I have checked for voltage across the (two) wiring harness 
contactsfor the brake switch; it shows 12.xx volts, so it has 
power...but if I jumper the contacts, the lights still stay ON.
4)  Fuse is OK and no water in the fuse block that I can detect.
5)  No other lights are out that I can see, so I don't think it's one 
of those funky electronic interaction problems...
5)  I tried continuity testing the brake switch and it does have 
continuity when pressed in...so it should be OK.

The Bentley brake section (46 and 47) does not have ONE STINKING word 
to say about this circuit and testing it.  Figures.

Howinhell is this circuit staying ON?????????????

Here's an oddity: this brake switch has both two electrical contacts, 
AND a vacuum line attached to it!  The hose from the vacuum 
fitting goes up under the dash and I can't tell where it goes.

I'd gladly have someone Fedex in a switch if that would fix it - but 
that does not seem to be the problem.  I can use ANY ideas, friends.

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