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Re: D60A2's noisy???

EKellock@aol.com wrote:
> Mine are considerably quieter than the Continentals they replaced.  They do
> have a little sizzle (on fresh asphalt) and sometimes a slight resonance, but
> in each case it seems to be related to the road surface because it changes in
> nature.

History:  '87 5KCS TQ   1)OEM tires:  Dunlop D40M2s  Handles great, UNGODLY noisy at 29k	
               2)Replaced with D40M2s.  Extremely conscientious about inflation rotation 
		and alignment.  Results: UNGODLY noisy after 30k miles.
		Replace with Eagle GAs.  Quiet. Reasonable Handling, great ride.
		Burn flat spots in tires at QCUSA autocross braking exercise at 30 
		kmiles. They should have lasted til 40k miles.  4)Replaced with Eagle GA 

'93 100CS 1) OEM Eagle GA's  replaced after 39kmiles with Dunlop D60A2s with advise from 
		the majority of the Q-list.  

Although just a few hundred miles old, I too have noticed  a slight resonance not 
noticable with the Eagle GAs.  I have noticed that the tread design is not as assymetric 
as the Eagle GAs.  The resonance is not intrusive however, at least not yet.  Smooth 
ride, handles well.  And $30 cheaper per wheel than the Eagles.  Time will tell if the
D60A2 are the tires for me, or if I go back to the Eagles.  I hate tire noise.   :P