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if it's the funky silver thing with 4 audi rings on it, i think you'll find that it is a luggage lock, rather than a key ring.  i've got one, and it does make a cool key ring, as long as you don't carry more than 1 or 2 keys.

got mine though audi merchandising...

'93 s2
'90 ur-q

..>Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 22:15:49 -0400
..>Subject: I WANT ONE!
..>Okay poking around the large stacks of C**p that I have yet to read I 
..>come across a nice little piece of Audi sales lit that has a very Red A4 
..>on it's cover and it's talking about the fact that Audi will pay for your 
..>maintenance for 3 years..... I open up the gatefold and there it is.......
..>The Audi 4 ring key ring
..>I WANT ONE!!......
..>ANYONE know how to get one?  I checked with my brain dead dealer and they 
..>gave me the typical response..... Hunh?
..>Eric Fletcher
..>St. Louis, MO