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Bomb Part No?

Hi All

I have seen lots of postings recently about multiple different brands of
the same urq bomb (Posche, BMW etc.), but nobody has mentioned any part
no's or models.  Does anybody know the BMW, Porsche or even ZF part no to
enable me to price one up?  My bomb is bad and I need to replace it, but
don't want to pay VAG GBP200 for something I can get for half the price
somewhere else.

My Car is an '84urq.  It has ABS and the Bomb and Regulator are seperate
parts (I have seen some that arn't).  Out of interest does anybody know why
it has two pressure senders on the regulator?  The Intoductory Training
literature for the '83urq (US), shows a different regulator with only one
sender and a different pipe layout.  If I disconnect the lower sender the
low pressure lamp doesn't come on all the time.  Anybody got a cut away
drawing of this regulator?

TIA :-)

Ian Gregory

'88 90q
'84 Urq

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