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Re: Jt Motorsports

Although not an Audi owner (well actually, a 5000 was the first car I
wrecked - does that count?), I have tried to deal with JT motorsports a
few times. I wanted to get information on ABT equip, and was told to
send them $10 for a catalog. I did. I then recieved a few peices of
lit., in German, for Vws. I called them, and they claimed that they (JT
themselves) didnt make a 96 catalog because they had so much new cool
stuff coming in, that they would put it in a 97 catalog. I asked for
more info on the parts I was interesed in (A4 stuff, want to try out the
A4/M3 debate when I get one) and they said there wasn't any. When asked
about the availability of the parts the response was "yeah,yeah,yeah, we
can get whatever you need. Call when you are ready to order. Click"

Ok - thanks for the rudeness. It is a shame that theses guys who are the
offical US importers for ABT and a few others are so lame. Maybe ABT
needs to become aware of the situation so they can do something about
it. Just a thought.

Tom Epley
90 Saab 900 SPG Many mods, fast, fun, but not a quattro!