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Stereo CD Player, etc

Here's the situation:

93 CSQ Wagon with Gamma Compact Cassette.

Cons:  Flakey reception. Whimpy sound quality (treble and bass always to the max). No CD. 
Pros:  The unit looks nice with amber/red lights, etc. Part of original package.

What I want: better stereo reception, improved sound quality, and CD capabilities.

My choices (as I understand them):

A.  Rear mount cd changer which sends sound via FM signal to radio. While this will add CD to my current set-up, I still have bad reception and poor sound. Perhaps a signal amplifier as well as a power booster will address those ills. Unfortunately, I will have to mount some little control pod somewhere which clutters the otherwise clean dash layout.

B.  New Head unit with CD. Should have much improved reception and sound quality. My discomfort here is again the break from the Audi look. In addition, most units have the green illumination with a few choices in amber.

Option B seems to the leading candidate in my mind (today). However, I would be interested to hear what others have done in this area. If you have replaced the head unit, what brand and model did you use. Did it have amber illumination? Did the new head unit deliver significant improvements in reception and/or sound quality...or will I have to upgrade speakers, also.

Not very literate in this area.....

Eric Billing
Eagan, MN