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Radar/Laser Love......

Hi Folks,

 I read with jealousy all the people who've got $300+ beanos for a radar   
laser detector.  I am not among them.
 I read with admiration all of the thread on "fooling lasers."  It is   
interesting stuff.
 Here's a few observations and a possible solution with all relevant   
disclaimers assumed.
 I speed almost constantly.
 I am not proud of this, but I do.
 I have not received a ticket in about 8 years (not even parking).
 I could be lucky, but I attribute this to several things.
 I don't speed in residential areas.
 I don't come flyin' over hills at 100mph.
 I don't speed in Maryland, and I watch my butt in NY.
HOWEVER: I have just purchased my first radar/laser detector.
  It has occured to me since the purchase that as good as it is
at ferreting out Johnny Law, road hazards, school buses, (and the   
occasional supermarket) I believe that most any radar detector is a poor   
substitute for constant vigilance.  It's something to remind you when you   
look down to change a CD and miss the cop behind the bridge abbutment, or   
take a chance on that small hill.
 Recently, I drove from the middle of Pennsylvania to Minneapolis in one   
day.  I stopped at the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of fame for an hour and a half   
and still averaged over 60mph.  I drove from Lincoln, NE to Albany, NY in   
22 hours and averaged over 61 mph...and had stopped in Des Moines to shop   
for new fishing clothes for over an hour.  I broke 100 mph in every state   
from Oregon to Massachusetts.  I drove 100 mph avg. for an hour in   
Montana.  No tickets....not even close.  All my friends that have   
radar/laser have tickets....I'll probably join them soon.  What I'm   
trying to say is that there is no substitute for constant vigilance and   
"responsible" speeding (if there is such a thing).
I realize that I do get lazy from time to time though...so I broke down   
and purchased a detector.  It's the darn Uniden...and it's probably even   
slowed me down some.  It falses fairly frequently...but I'll be damed if   
it hasn't nailed every single cop that was actually emitting something.   
 It nailed a K-band equipped Massachusetts state tropper this morning and   
he was at least a quarter mile behind.  The town cops in Exeter, NH are   
notorious, I now know that they run K-band...constantly....and they still   
don't know how fast I really drive home from work.
 If I can say anything for the falsing, it IS annoying, but it keeps me   
vigilant in "HOW" and "WHERE" I speed.  This is what really seems to keep   
those ins. premiums down.
 If you're poor like me (poorer still as my Audi's age) consider the   
Uniden which has tested fairly well, has already saved my butt once or   
twice in a few weeks, and costs $99.  Buy it at "The Sharper Image" and   
they'll let you return it in 60 days if you hate it.  I can't help but   
think (IMHO) that the decreasing marginal rate of return is quite a   
slippery slope when you consider the approximate 33% cost of the Uniden   
over top B.E.L.s and the Valentine.
Remember, just IMHO.  Eternal vigilance is the real cost of low insurance   
premiums and of freedom.......yeah, yeah.....

  Paul W. Royal
  90 90Q20v
  87 5Ks
  67 Camaro SS/RS
  90 Suzuki VX800
  Drive Fast, Drive Safe, Drive Quattro, Drive Vigilantly
  (with apologies to you know who)