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Re: S4-4 sale

At 05:21 PM 9/19/96 -0640, Cobram wrote:
>Saw this in the NE.forsale newsgroup, I vaguely remember someone
>on here looking for one of these.  Usual disclaimers apply, I don't
>know the guy, never seen the car, wasn't anywhere near the grassy
>knowl, don't contain MSG etc. etc etc.:
>FROM   :llim@bu.edu
>Newsgroups: ne.forsale
>Subject: 1994AUDI S4 FOR SALE****8
>Date: 19 Sep 1996 02:26:26 GMT
>Organization: Boston University
>1994 Sliver S4 audi rare!
>2.2L I-5 turbo
>four wheel drive
>15K miles
>black Recardo leather interior
>factory warranty till 6/97
>Bose acoustic sound system, bose 10 DIsc CD
>fully loaded- moon roof, power seats, window
>remote entry alarm
>indoor garaged
>one owner
>car phone
>modified (Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks,  remus muffler, OZ Monte carlo
>rims, dunlop sp8000) all original parts availale.
>excellent condition
>call 617-630-9905
>email llim@bu.edu
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Anyone wanna refresh my memory as to what an S4 is??


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