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Re: Aluminum A6

In a message dated 96-09-18 03:52:36 EDT, withu@loxinfo.co.th (R. Wiratorn
[Thailand]) writes:

<<       According to head of Audi interior design,the cabin of the new A6
 will make wide use of pressed aluminium.This,he says,will reduce amount of
 plastic on show always a negative area when customer attitudes are
 researched and is much more appropriate to a "high-tech" car than a fake
wood. >>

Two points:
1.)  The A4 1.8T has aluminum trim in place of the wood on the A4 2.8.  Of
course, you can't tell that it's aluminum because it has a decorative surface
treatment.  Don't think you'd want polished aluminum in the dash locations
anyway--too much glare.

2.)  Audi's don't use fake wood.  They use real wood, but it's very thin and
laminated to a substrate (frequently aluminum) so that there isn't any
splintering problem in a crash.  It's also cheaper to use the veneer than
great chunks of tree.