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Re: 85 urQ

At 07:33 PM 9/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Interesting thing happened to me on the way to look at an F150 for sale.
> Driving along looking for the street I catch a glimpse of an 85 urQ in
>pretty good condition with no plates on it.  Stop and knock on the door,
>and a pretty blonde girl comes to the door and tells me she's had the
>car since new and doesn't want to sell it.  It has 160,000 miles on it
>Anyone have any idea what it's worth?
>David Toppin


I think a pretty blonde woman who drives a '85 urq is PRICELESS!  But, I
digress.  My guess is that it is worth somewhere between $10k to $12k
depending on condition.  There is one I know of that is perpertually for
sale here in Oregon.  Guy's a pilot so never home.  I think it has about
half the miles and he wants $14k.

BTW, I keep a list of names and phone numbers of quattro owners in my area
so we can get together occasionally.  You should do the same. ;)


John Karasaki

Quattro Club (regional & national) member