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Cruise Control

All this talk about cruise control has got me thinking about
my non-functioning unit. I have a 1983 UrQ. Using the
bentley procedure for 1984 UrQ's I checked the cruise.
Vacuum good, passes all electrical tests except one.
Bentley says that with test lamp connected between terminal
1 and terminal 3 on the main plug, the test lamp should light
when the pedel is depressed. Mine is reversed, lamp goes
out when the brake is depressed. I stupidly replaced the
brake/vacuum switch (thanks Linda) with no change. The
constant power, interupted when the brake is depressed,
makes more sense to me. If anyone had any thoughts I
would appreciate it. The last option is that the control unit is
bad. Does this happen often? Thanks.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.