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Re: Rally Quattro Bumpers

     You could probably order a set of "holy" rally bumpers from Frank Sprongl 
     at Four Star Racing. Just a couple of points before leaping for the phone, 
     the "holy" bumpers on the Group B rally car may not work with a road going 
     ur-q. The rally car has custom front and rear wheel arch flares, they are 
     about an inch wider than stock - you may need these to buy them to make the 
     "holy" bumpers work? 
     If you do want to make this (I have a feeling it will be extremely 
     expensive) modification at least you'll be able to fit the rally cars 
     enormous intercooler in front of the engine. 
     You may be able to get the euro-lights and bumpers from either AM cars, 
     Dialynx or Sanburn(breakers) in the UK, remember the lights will have the 
     right or wrong beam dispersion pattern depending where in the world you're 
     located (isn't this net thing coooool). 
     Email me if you need to contact any of the above.
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. An attractive blonde who has owned an '85 ur-q since new.....
         .....there is a God!