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540i v M3 v A4Q

	I have driven the 540i [auto] and found it to be a very nice, 
very expensive, big car.  6 speed will help, but I can't imagine there is 
a chance that you can get it loaded for A4Q price + 10k.  

	My real complaint with the M3 is this:  (1) it is a BMW, with all 
that brings to the party; (2) if you have any adult friends to put in the 
back, they won't like it for long.  IMHO, the M3 is a very good car--but 
I can't handle any more 2 door cars.  

	Your question really compares some apples to oranges.  Having 
driven them all, I just don't see any of them being in the same 
class--especially on price.  BTW, look at insurance costs on M3 v. A4Q.