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Re: Vacuum tube?

>        Well while trying to figure out just where my thumping noise is coming
> from I noticed what almost looks like a washer fluid or vacuum tube hanging
> down from the engine compartment.  So  followed it up and it looks like it's
> connected to something just under where the battery is mounted, the tube is
> burnt on the end.  Looks like it came in contact with the exhaust or
> something.  Also, when I had the car off the ground (all four wheels) and in
> gear only two of the wheels moved.  Both driver's side wheels spun but the
> passenger side did not, what's with that?  TIA
... the tube is the battery vent tube.  You may want to open it back up if 
you think it has been melted shut.  I wouldn't worry too much about which 
wheels spuna nd which didn't.  Remember that an open diff will feed the end 
with the least resistance.  Could be that one brake was hanging up a little, 
or there was a little more sticktion in the other side.  You should have 
found that if you stopped the spinning wheels the others would spin.  The 
other test you can do is to lock both diffs, after doing this both rear 
wheels and at least one front should be spinning ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)