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Re: Condoms for Headlights

>     All this talk of repairing headlights, had me re-visiting an advert for a 
>     product in Griot's catalogue. The product is a transparent film that you 
>     cut to fit over headlights to protect against stone chips. Apparently the 
>     film which is 40mils thick can withstand dumb-dumb bullets from a 44
>     (or was that blunt pellets from a BB gun?). 
>     So.... now that I have two new euro lights on my '85 ur-q, can anyone 
>     recommend this product? It's about $45 for a 20x16 inch sheet, this is 
>     inline with other products sold by Griot's ($349 for two halogen lights
>     a pole! - must have an Audi part number?). Anyone know of a cheaper
>     (I'm up hear in Toronto)?
>     Regards, Mike
>     p.s. I do like the Ferrari tool kit advertised by Griot's, and it's only 
>     $4,995....


I've had the stuff, 3M makes it, if it's the same, oon my '83 for a few
years.  It seems to work fairly well.  At least it stopped the rock pitting
that I was getting on my eurolights from the gravel back in Denver.  And it
hasn't come off yet...


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