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I second Igor's motion.....

Nothing like a good set of snows on a quattro.

I run the stock sized 195/60-14 Michelin's in the summer on the stock 
alloys, and have a set of narrower (175/70-14's) Nokia Hakkapeliitta 10's 
on extra steel rims.

Narrower is better on snow, especially when you hit the slush ridges at 
65 mph plus on the interstate :).

Of course, I live in the snow belt off Lake Erie in WNY (200+ inches; the 
reason I bought the quattro in the first place.)

This will be the third winter on the Nokia's; they wear real well.

Also discovered it's best to re-align before snow season.  Snow/ice tends 
to amplify slight misalignments.

The Nokia's have provision for studs; did'nt install them last time but 
will for my next set of snows.


'88 80q