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Woburn Abbey

Well, the weather was good.

This was the first (we think) joint venture between the UK's 'Club Audi' (which 
has around 600 members with all kinds of cars) and the UK quattro Owners Club 
(which has about 535 members, mostly with ur-quattros).

We met on a grassy rise behind the house in the middle of the park (Woburn 
Abbey is set in several square miles of parkland).  Several large deer had to 
be negotiated on the way in.  The organisers were totally overwhelmed by the 
attendance - they were expecting around 12 Sport quattros and twenty to thirty 
ur-quattros, and got fifteen Sports and something like seventy ur-quattros.  
Imagine a field of metal, a traffic jam a hundred yards by seventy-five, and 
_every_ vehicle is either an ur-quattro or a Sport quattro.  The vast majority, 
of course, in concourse condition.  Mine was bang in the middle, in a position 
of some prominence, and filthy.

I took around forty transparencies - there will be official photographs and 
probably an official video (initially only in PAL format).  We _hope_ (this is 
NOT yet a promise by the committee) that there will be some sort of colour 
newsletter, photo sheet or collage poster of the year's events.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club