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Re: Bosch Platinum v. Super Plugs?

>Bad move!  I'm sure many on the list will agree.  You need the W7DTC which
>are the three pronged Supers.  The only Bosch Platinum to put on, per Ned
>Ritchie (Intended Acceleration), is the F5DPOR and they are $13-25 a
>piece.  The same plugs that are used in the S4/S6.  Ned says they are good
>for 100K miles.  I debated on what plugs to use and decided it is cheaper
>& probably better to change plugs regularly.  I can't see the more bang
>for the $ in spark plugs.  The Platinum you bought will foul faster.

Actually Nathan, 

The single electrode plugs work better for non turbo cars......... Todd 
you're just fine on the plugs.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO