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1988 5KCSTQ in need of work

Hello all-

I have been lurking on the list for a short time now and greatly enjoy
and benefit from the subjects discussed.  But alas my Audi has given me
reason to request suggestions from the list :D

My 5KCSTQ with 113,000 miles has been making a growling sound whenever
the clutch pedal is depressed (noise is gone as soon as the pedal is
released), the noise has gotten worse over time.  My mechanic says that
the pilot bearing needs to be replaced, in order to do this the
transmission must be removed.  Does anyone have the procedure to remove
the tranmission, and does it require any special tools ?  If its
I would like to do the job myself before winter starts.  

Also, (the Audi Gods are extremely upset recently) the clutch in my A/C
compressor has decided to quit, does anyone know of the best source
for a new/used compressor ( I called four sources on the quattro vendor
list and only one responded, with a price of $550!!)  Any suggestions or 
ideas will be greatly appreciated.


1988 Audi 5KCSTQ
1985 BMW 325e
1994 Buick Roadmonster Wagon