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RE: snow tires

I agree with the comments about the Alpins. We have had them on the
Acura for the last 2 winters and have had absolutely no problems on ice
or snow around here (not that we can compete with the NE for winter
weather, but we go over the Cascades several times each winter and live
in what is probably just about the snowiest inhabited spot on the
Eastside of Seattle).

The reason they're supposed to at least maintain their edge in snow and
ice is that they have an inverted Y design to the siping, so that when
you wear through every initial sipe, you end up with 2 "new" sipes for
every 1. Come to think of it, it will probably make the tire a little
more squishy with all those small blocks all of a sudden. Oh well, time
will tell.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa

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>>From: Mark Hilbush <73441.73@CompuServe.COM>
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>>Subject: Snows
>>Well, for some of us it's time to start thinking about new tires for the
>>First, even though they say "all-season" and are great on dry and wet
>I>'m assuming my 205/50/15 Dunlop D60s won't quite cut it.  Besides, I want
>>protect my wheels from the harsh winter.
>>Checked out Tire Rack's Web page.  They show the Bridgestone Blizzak, Dunlop
>>Graspic S100Z, and Pirelli 190P in my size.  The Blizzaks are significantly
>>expensive than the Dunlops.  Are the Blizzaks that much better?  I might be
>i>nclined to go with them, but the winters are not _that_ bad here in the
>>Mark Hilbush
>>Baltimore, MD
>Warning, the Blizzaks are great--the best braking (supposedly)--but they wear
>out fairly quickly. Once they're worn, they act like all seasons. Don'y know
>about the dunlops, but I use the Michelin Alpin 130's, which I like better
>than the Gislaveds (sic) and the Hakkapalieta 10's I've had. 
>The Michelins are aggressive, long lasting, and H-rated for better
>responsiveness, especially in the dry. They also keep and even improve
>(again, supposedly) their snow grip with age. The Haks are noisy, poor
>emergency handling unless seriously overinflated (worsens ride!), and have
>worn quickly on several of my prior vehicles.
>Check out Discount tire direct, though their snows aren't on their Web page
>Generally you go narrower with snows. I run stock 225/50ZR16 summers and
>205?/60HR15 winters on the S4.
>I completely disagree about not needing snows. Remember that you have
>essentially no wheel drive once your braking, so if you don't always double
>clutch and downshift, and you drive in the heavy stuff that turns to ice, get
>4 snows.
>I haven't found a good snow tire test in the zines, so if anyone knows of one
>send it along.
>Jonathan Fenton
>Montpelier, VT
>'9s S4sIA3