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Re: Limp-home mode on 90Q20V

Sounds like what happened to our 100Q wagon - it was a computer problem.

Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> Friday, Angela and I gassed up her '90 90Q20V.  After filling it up,
> we pulled out, and within a mile or so, the car was barely running.
> It idled high (1300), stuttered and stubmled, wouldn't break 3000 RPM,
> and seemed like it was going to strand us.  There was a small amount
> of black smoke coming out the pipe like it was running really rich.
> We immediately thought "bad gas". But, when we turned the car off and
> then restarted it, it ran flawlessly, and has been since.
> So, is there some kind of "limp-home" mode on this car that some
> flaky connector might have engaged?