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Re: tripmeter/odometer failure


>I have an electronically signaled, dial-type odo/trip (not LCD read-out) 
>that is intermittent. It will work for 1/10 km to several hundred km at a 
>time before quittinq. Sometimes, it will restart if the trip reset is 
>pushed. Occasionally, it will start at random. Have dissassembled the 
>speedo head as far as I can, but the dial pointer appears to be molded to 
>the shaft (looked at it with a magnifier). It worked steady for a week 
>after dissassembly. 
>Is this a problem with the electronics, gears or the sending unit? Where 
>is the sending unit? Is there a fix without going to a dealer?
>Remember a post from someone who tightened the slack on one of the gears 
>with a wooden spacer but wasn't sure if that was a cable driven or 
>electronic unit.
Does your speedometer still show the speed when the odometer stops counting?

Igor Kessel, Phila PA, USA
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