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Re: battery discharging-battery strap

For a start, think about adding a voltmeter to keep tabs on this; even the
cheap type that plugs into the cigar lighter.  Sometimes the wire from the
alternator light to the alternator gets intermittent, and the alternator
won't start to charge.  If the alternator passes a voltage and load test,
check the individual connections and the strap itself.  If the battery lost
charge since it wasn't getting any from the alternator, it should still
pass a load test.  I'd check that as well.

It would seem very strange if the strap needed replacing.  Bad connectors I
can see, but thay can be checked individually be anyone with a voltmeter.

Think about going to an electrical specialist shop.

>I have a recurring problem - @ once a year my 88'5000TQ starts unexpectedly
>losing all battery charge at random times. Last year had two new batteries
>put in by dealer (one under warranty)  before they discovered a voltage drop
>at the battery vs. at the alternator. That led to claim by the dealer that
>there is a problem they repaired with connections in cable (called a "strap"
>by dealer) running under the floor from engine compartment to the battery.
>They claim to have solved the problem by retightening and cleaning up
>connections under passenger seat area. The problem wetn away until the last
>few weeks. I am now having the same problem again with unexpected battery
>dishcarges in the same pattern. Anyone heard of this problem? Dealer told me
>last year that the new strap and installation was >$500 job.  Any help would
>be appreciated. Thanks. Steven Meyrich

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL