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Re: bomb replacement

> BTW, I don't see how a bad bomb can allow the pedal to descend to the
> floor.  The bomb is assisting boost only, which is why the pedal becomes
> very hard in the test I describe.  At that point, the pedal feel is what
> you should get even if the bomb is failing with the engine running.

I think it can if the check valve fails...

Either that or the hydraulic servo can.  I know, I had a car which did that.

The pedal would sink almost to the floor with no effect, at which point,
you did get UNASSISTED braking... you had to stomp really hard to stop
the car.  After a minute or so, all was fine (unless you pumped the
pedal at which point it would sink towards the floor again).

Check the brake servo for leaks first.