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> From: "Arun Rao" <rao@quattro>

> 	Now ... has anyone out there replaced their A/C compressor?  I
> 	can get a rebuilt one for ~$150 or so (this is an AC Delco
> 	Harrison compressor) from the local chain store, but a look
> 	at the instructions filled me with dread. Among other things,
> 	they tell you to replace the drier, use some special kind of
> 	grease to coat the O-rings with, etc. etc. -- failing any of
> 	which will void the warranty!

The large Delco-type compressors are amazingly cheap and long-lived.  
I replaced the one on my 1984 5KT and it wasn't that hard.  Just 
replace the parts (compressor, drier and the little screen that goes 
into the coolant line) then take it to a shop to have it charged 
up...and let them put the belt on it after it's charged.
> 	Is this really something I cannot/should not attempt?  I thought
> 	it was a simple matter of having the freon recovered, replacing
> 	the compressor and having the system recharged: in fact, the
> 	Bentley says nothing more than "flush the compressor with nitrogen
> 	or R-11 (?) before installation".  (Not that I would be able
> 	to do that, either).

You can do it.  If the system is empty, no problem.  If not, have a 
shop empty it - then go home, do your work and come back.  Easy 

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