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Re: CIS Adjusment plug - PN

> I've NEVER seen an Audi with this plug still installed.  In fact, I've
> never seen one of these plugs, with or without grab wire!
> It's a good idea though to keep the crud out - I just called the local
> **** dealer and ordered one.
... the way I found out about it was that my '78 Fox had one, and the urQ
had a hole in the same place ... so I ordered another plug for the Fox ;)

Most people need not worry, they've probably got an aluminum plug filling 
the hole.  If you look on the fuel distributor in the gap between the fuel
metering section and the airflow measurement section you'll probably notice
a shiny plug down at the bottom.  If you see an open hole, you might want
to think about getting a plug.  

Now that you mention it I'm wondering if the CARB-monster is going to hound
me now since I don't have the aluminum plug ... it's never been a problem 
in the past, but I did just get my registration w/smog check recently ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)