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Re: Coupe q - Lowering - No Front Brakes - HELP!

I don't know how they bled them, but one possibility in my experience is
if  they used the old-fashioned method of Darryl #1 pumping up the brake
then Darryl #2 goes down and opens the bleed port on the caliper.  This
forces the master cylinder piston and seals past their normal wear points,
and can lead to premature master cylinder failure, which i believe can result
in your problem.

The other thing is if they used a pressure bleeder (forced out old fluid by
applying air pressure at the reservoir, forcing fluid out the bleed valves.
believe they MUST first bleed the master cylinder at the bleed screw at that
location, then proceed to bleed in a patter of RR, LR, RF, LF.  if you don't 
follow this routine, my experience indicates that you won't get all the air
of the system.

The BRAKE light coming on to me indicates you are using up all the hydraulic
pressure just in trying to move the master cylinder piston the excessive
that it is presently going through - this is guess on my part.

Good luck!

Ray calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro - brakes bled via pressure bleed (factory)
method at least 3 times w/o difficulty; car has 106,000 miles

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 From: Todd Paciorek <ir000185@interramp.com>
 Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 18:03:11 -0400
 Subject: Coupe q - Lowering - No Front Brakes - HELP!
 Hi all,
 I just stopped at the shop, they ran into a problem in finishing up the =
 To bring you up to speed:
 New Tires, Boge Turbo Gas shocks and Eibach springs.
 After they aligned, they took it for a drive and there were no front =
 brakes. The back brakes worked properly, but you could spin the rotor on =
 both sides of the front with someone fully pushing the brakes.
 The pedal was dead soft, with resistance only the last 1/3" of travel.
 The "Brake" light would go off as usual when starting the car, but the =
 light would come on again as soon as you pressed the pedal down hard.
 No lines are bound, they bled the fronts, finding no air whatsoever, and =
 everything appears in order.
 Now, it doesn't seem just replacing those parts could cause this =
 problem, but it is too coincidental to accept, anyone got any ideas?
 Any help is appreciated!
 BTW: 1" lower makes a coupe look fantastic! the wheelwells look filled, =
 but not stuffed. I can't wait to see how it drives.
 '90 Coupe q - no brakes, but looks cool
 '84 Jeep Scrambler - no roof or windshield, but looks cool