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4KQ stress bar- SPARCO source?

I'm on a hunt for a top front stress bar for my 4KQ.  Pat Martin thought 
that a SPARCO bar might fit, but didn't know of a source...  Source 

Alternatively, do any Portland, OR area folks know of a good fabricator 
in the area, (that wouldn't think a stress bar was a noisy pub ;-).  

Another local question... need referral to a good suspension/alignment 
shop in pdx/Tigard area? I've got a wandering front end, esp. on I-5 
grooves is awful lurching around.  Not impressed with the shop I tried.
BTW - I looked up the proper offset for 15x7 wheels according to the 
factory 4KQ manual and its 45mm.  My Borbet Type H wheels from Tire Rack 
are 35mm, which might be enough to account for the wandering.  Maybe 
some extra toe-in will help. Or get different wheels arggh.

pls also email direct

Leigh Anderson