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Re: ur-q?

     Subject: ur-q?
     Author:  ,"Royal,Paul" <royal@bos.msmail.idx.com> at Internet
     Date:    9/24/96 12:12 PM
     Dear Mike,
     What exactly the heck is a ur-q anyway?
     Congratulations...if you are lucky enough to drive a ur-q and:
     An Ur-quattro, pronounced oor-quattro refers to the two door four wheel 
     drive car built by Audi between 1980 and 1991. In total there were ~11K 
     cars builts, 500 were imported to America between 83-85, and 100 into 
     Canada in the same time frame. I am lucky (or crazy) enough to own two, an 
     '85 and an '83.
     The car looks like a stock 2 door coupe but with wheel arch flares similar 
     to the original M3. The car came with a turbo charged I5, 200h.p stock in 
     Europe and 160hp stock in NA, the last year of production saw the S4 20 
     valve engine. I fell in love with the car when I watched coverage of the 
     World Rally Championship in the early '80s, at the time my father owned a 
     I'll post this to the list and hopefully some kind person will post a web 
     site you can browse to see some pictures. If not, I can email you some 
     pictures if you're interested. There's a really good picture of a red one I 
     downloaded from a web site (sorry can't remember which one, Bob D'Amato's?) 
     license plate IN-YX-87. I use it as my wall paper on my PC.
     Don't worry that you've never heard of them or seen one, neither have most 
     of the Audi dealerships in Toronto, so finding mechanics who know how to 
     repair them is always a bit of a challenge.
     There's also a very good FAQ in the archives, compiled I think by Dave 
     Regards, Mike
     p.s. Bob D'Amato's ur-q is for sale, so if you really want the quattro 
     experience..... contact Bob.