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Re: 4KQ stress bar- SPARCO source?

> From: Leigh Anderson <leigh_anderson@MENTORG.COM>
> BTW - I looked up the proper offset for 15x7 wheels according to the 
> factory 4KQ manual and its 45mm.  My Borbet Type H wheels from Tire Rack 
> are 35mm, which might be enough to account for the wandering.  Maybe 
> some extra toe-in will help. Or get different wheels arggh.

Careful, The Bentley does refer to the 15X7 and 15X8 wheels for the QTC and
does say the offset is 45mm. I think that is a typo though.  the correct
offsets are closer to the 35-37 for the 15X7 and around 25mm for the 15X8.
Both Ronal and the Hollander? book a local (colo.) wheel co. has confirm
this.  I'm flying on memory here about the precise offsets .. . perhaps
someone can confirm the correct numbers for you.