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Special in situ wheelbearing puller tool??

Hi fellow/fella audinauts,

	I few months back I got 4 new wheelbearings for my Q, as my front left
one was beginning to whine a bit during left hand turns. I know, it is strange
seeing that it is the unloaded wheel, but my mechanic says it is a two race
bearing and the inner race is starting to go. OK, what do I know;-\ He also
thought I was crazy buying all four bearing when only one was just starting to
whine. He may be right there...too. Anyway, he says there's a special VW/Audi
tool that allows you to pull the bearing without have to pull the whole strut
assembly. It has different adaptors for different bearing sizes, etc and costs
~$400.00 new. Do any of you have one of these we could rent, borrow, or buy for
$100.00?? He says it will pull bearings at either end of the car and makes a
PITA job a piece o'cake. I don't know the part number or if it is an offical
VW/Audi tool or something Snap-On or Mac, etc. market. All advice/sympathy/help
appreciated;-) I just called him; he says Ast(Assenmacher Specialty Tools) and
Schley(SP Tools)pn#89500, adapter kit for '86.5-'90 Audi 5K pn#87350. Baum and
Pendergas also make 'em.



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