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Re: Wheel Bearings Again....

> Also needed are a large 21 inch Cresent wrench, and a breaker bar with a 
> 32mm socket or a 32mm wrench, or two LARGE cresent wrenches!
> These are required to turn the tools large center bolt in order to
> facilitate the bearings removal.  This action is made more difficult
> if the bearings are rusted, or over heated during use. If you live in an 
> area of the US that "salts" the roads during winter, your bearings will 
> be difficult to remove.

Seem to remember I needed a 32 and a 36mm socket, one was for the tool,
the other for the axle nut.  I used a 5' pipe on my breaker bar... it
was still difficult and the car has spent its life in salt free Seattle.