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Re: Brake Pad warning light

Hairy green toads from Mars made SOP8920@Siena.edu say:

> Intermittantly I have this symbol flash on the dash LCD. "(0)" No.. it's not a
> bizarre smiley. As I recall, this light is for the brake-pads? Sometimes the
> light is there.. sometimes not. If it's on, and I shut off the car and then
> restart.. it'll go away. The first time I noticed this light was upon start-up
> when the car sat for a week without being driven. It hasn't reached the point
> of annoyance yet, and since it's in yellow and not "uh-oh" red I haven't
> investigated it yet. 

It could be an intermittent contact from the brake pad sensor wires
to the plugs that connect them to the computer.

Look under the front of the car. Clipped to each wheel is a small
plug that looks like an inline fuse-holder. This is the plug in
question. Try re-seating them to see if it fixes the problem. If
not, try jumpering them with some wire (a piece of ground conductor
from 14-gauge romex works great). If it still happens, it's further
up the line.


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