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Re: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

Hi Paul

You wrote

>I always thought that ur-quattro and TQC were other names for the car
> known (in the UK anyway) as the Audi Quattro.  I thought that these
> cars had the following: Coupe body, 4 wheel drive, 2144cc (initially)
> turbo engine with about 200hp, flared wheel arches, wide Ronal wheels
> (>6"), 4 square headlamps initially, then 2 flat rectangular, then
> (1984) 2 sloping to match the new grille, etc..
>Could you give more info on the differences between these cars (with
> perhaps years, engine cc and hp and running gear differences)?

There is a thread in progress at the moment.  The gist is:

There are essentially 3 different Coupé Quattros
1.      Quattro Coupé Turbo (Flared Arches)
2.      Quattro Coupé Turbo (Non-Flared Arches)
3.      Quattro Coupé (Non-Turbo, Non-Flared Arches)

No 1 is normally the one in mind when the designation ur quattro is used.
I havn't met no 2, but Phil Payne has.  I maintain that no 3 is quite
common in the UK, but Phil Payne disagrees.  In the US they are trying to
decide whether no's 2 and 3 where the same but known as the 4000 quattro
Coupé Turbo and or the 4000 quattro Coupé respectively.  No 2 from my
understanding and No 3 from my own experience resemble the Coupé GT from
the outside.  If you check a copy of the Parkers Car Price Guide (not good
for prices I know), they list No's 1 and 3 with used price recomendations

If you wan't to check the (general but not written in stone) history of the
ur quattro, then Phil has a good breakdown.  There are also two or three
copies of this available on the www, one is on the List Home Page in the
archives, if you want some more urls to check, mail me and I will give you
some address's to try.

If anybody thinks I have got any of the above wrong from my following of
this thread.  Please correct me.


Ian Gregory

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