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Re: Quattro, ur-quattro and TQC?

From: Ian Gregory
>There are essentially 3 different Coup Quattros
>1.      Quattro Coup Turbo (Flared Arches)
>2.      Quattro Coup Turbo (Non-Flared Arches)
>3.      Quattro Coup (Non-Turbo, Non-Flared Arches)
>No 1 is normally the one in mind when the designation ur quattro is used.
>I havn't met no 2, but Phil Payne has.  I maintain that no 3 is quite
>common in the UK, but Phil Payne disagrees.

I have seen many no 1s and quite a few of no 3 (I think).  No 3 looks 
 like a normal Coupe but has quattro written on the back.  Because 
 these cars don't have flared wheel arches, I always assumed that they 
 were not real Quattros (note capital Q) with 200hp engines, but just 
 Coupes with the quattro drive train and the standard 135hp engines.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant