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Exhaust questions on a 4kq

Hey all,
   I've got some nagging exhaust questions, and thought I poll the list.  
Background:  the system I currently have was a stock unit put on some three 
years ago.  It has begun to leak around the pipes at the entrances and exits of 
the middle and rear mufflers, a little noise but not bad.  My cat was hollowed 
after it started melting, lots of ringing until I can sleave it.  Broke a stud 
between my exhaust manifold and my downpipe,  more noise.

Intentions:  I plan on dropping in a turbo motor come spring, which will require 
a different system altogether.  I plan on going with the two piece manifold.  I 
need to find a downpipe from a TQC, Anyone have any spares???  Finally some 
custom pipe work ~2.5" all the way back, either through a sleaved kitty, or 

The Problem:  I want to make the car civil until spring.  I plan on pulling the 
head and replacing the manifold to fix the broken stud problem.  I'll hang the 
sleaved kitty to fix the ringing.  But I still have leaky mufflers.
   Would it be feasible to weld around the pipes at the mufflers to seal these 
leaks while they're small?  I'm not looking for long term, just until spring.  I 
have access to a welder, and can sandblast affected areas to prep for welding.

   Are there any problems with this plan that I'm missing?  Does anybody have a 
better suggestion?  Does anyone have a TQC downpipe for sale???

-Stott Hare      '84 4Ksq  (black, and waiting for turbo...)
Biddeford, Maine