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Audi Gods latest request

Hello All,

I've been off the net for a while, but its good to be back.  Not a 
moment too soon it seems...

Here's the scoop, with all details, meaningful or otherwise.  My car 
sat for the summer while I was travelling.  My girlfriend started it 
and drove it around every couple of weeks, to prevent atrophe.  Anyway, 
when I got back, I started getting low coolant warning lights.  I 
checked the coolant level and found it low, so I just topped it off and 
went on my way.  Several days later, same scenario  (and same fix.).  
Several days later still, you guessed its, low coolant light again.  
Took it to my local Audi loan shark, oops, I mean dealer, to have it 
checked out.  Dealer sez I have a small crack in the radiator, causing 
a very slow leak of fluid (explains why I never saw stains in my 
parking space???).  Anyway, he sez its not repairable and will cost 
$600 to replace.  As I have fond memories of my last repair (which 
wasn't too long ago!), I am not in a hurry to part with 6 bills.  

I want to tap into that vast knowledge base out there, and see if I 
have any other options (used radiator, radiator repair, prayer???).  I 
have a feeling that driving with a cracked radiator is not the wisest 
move (even if I do keep the fluid topped up), and winter is just around 
the corner!  Any suggestions??  Almost forgot, mine is a '91 Coupe Q.


"Q COUP 91" 

PS  I'll tell you about the time I met the South African Audi Super 
Touring team this past summer in my next note!